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AttSearchEngine for UserLand Frontier and Radio Userland

AttSearchEngine stands for Attribute Search Engine.

It's a tool for indexing the attributes, or properties, of objects in a database, and for searching the indices that it creates. Use it as the engine behind a Frontier™- or Radio™-based web search engine, or for performing queries on databases which are completely unrelated to the web. It indexes more than just text. A lot more.

AttSearchEngine is a developer's tool. There's no user interface, because it's not a tool for users. You build the AttSearchEngine into your software or project.

Macrobyte Resources uses the AttSearchEngine in Conversant, where it's responsible for much of Conversant's impressive message-search capabilities.

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Queued Indexing

It is strongly recommended that you take advantage of the AttSearchEngine's queued indexing and deindexing features. This requires the Queue Suite, which is free.

Software License

The AttSearchEngine license can be read online. It's also included as part of the download in a file called "license.txt". Finally, you can see it in the AttSearchEngine database in a text object named "#License".

Please read the license before installing the software. We've done our best to make it very easy to understand.


Please contact to purchase a license to AttSearchEngine, either for distributing it with your own Frontier/Radio-based software, or for use on a production server.


Very simple instructions for installing and uninstalling AttSearchEngine are included in the download, in the file ReadMe.txt.

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