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Object Indexing and Retrieval
for Radio UserLand and UserLand Frontier

Software License


Software License

The AttSearchEngine ("the software") is free for personal use. You may write software which uses the AttSearchEngine in any way you see fit. You may install the AttSearchEngine on your own computer, for your own use.

If you do not agree to the terms of this license, you must not install or use the software.

You must not use the software on a "production server" without first purchasing a license to the software from Macrobyte Resources. Contact

You must not distribute all or any part of the software as part of another software product, or to work in conjunction with another software product, without prior written permission from an officer of Macrobyte Resources. Contact

You may modify the software for your own use, but you must not distribute those modifications in any way.

You may create and distribute modules ("plug-ins") for use with AttSearchEngine, but those modules (and any related installer software) must not modify the AttSearchEngine in any way.

If you have acquired the AttSearchEngine as part of other software from Macrobyte Resources or one of the Licensees, the license for AttSearchEngine included with that software takes precedence over this license.

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