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AttSearchEngine News

Friday, November 01, 2002
Update: Version 1.0b1.2
(Seth Dillingham - 10:15:11 AM)

AttSearchEngine has been udpated to version 1.0b1.2.

The only significant changes in this release are found in the search() and exists() routines in the "wholeText" indexing method. They now support a second search operator, "containsAny."

Pass the search routine a list of values to search for, and the "hits" that are returned will include any items which matched anything in the list.

An example: field A holds an email address, and you want to search for all records in which field A has any of three different addresses. Pass the three addresses in a UserTalk list, and set the operator to "containsAny." The result set will include all items in which the specified field contained an address from the list.

Previously, the wholeText method supported only the "equalTo" operator, and so separate searches had to be performed for each item, and then combine the results manually. This new method is much more efficient and friendly.

To download: Bring AttSearchEngine.root to the front (in Frontier or Radio) and select "Update AttSearchEngine.root" from the Main menu (Frontier) or the Tools menu (Radio).

Friday, March 22, 2002
ResultSet Subtraction
(Seth Dillingham - 11:11:25 PM)

The AttSearchEngine has been updated to support result set subtraction.

Subtraction is a key piece of negative searches, which will be supported in an upcoming version of the AttSearchEngine. adrStorageMethod, adrSource, adrResult )

The new feature is available via root update.

Wednesday, March 20, 2002
New Download for Windows
(Seth Dillingham - 3:11:03 PM)

A number of people have reported problems with the .zip version of the download for 1.0b1. The .zip file has been replaced with a self-extracting archive for Windows. You'll find it on the current release page.

Tuesday, March 19, 2002
Bugs fixed in "hashedStringsDeep"
(Seth Dillingham - 4:36:45 PM)

Three bugs were found and fixed in the script AttSearchEngine.storageMethods.hashedStringsDeep.resultSet.intersect today.

(The hashedStringsDeep storage method has had the least amount of burn-in.)

The changes are available via the root-update process.

Sunday, March 17, 2002
Search for Empty Integer Lists
(Seth Dillingham - 8:24:20 PM)

AttSearchEngine's indexer "List_Integer" now indexes empty lists, and the method has been updated to allow searches for empty lists.

Only newly indexed items will take advantage of this, so if you need to use this with an existing index, then you must reindex your content.

There are two ways to search for an empty list. To search only for items with empty lists, use the equalTo operator and an empty list, like so:

local ( searchObject );
new( tableType, @searchObject );
searchObject.myIntLIstField = {{}, AttSearchEngine.operators.equalTo}

To search for items with lists which are either empty or contain at least one of a list of values, use the containsAny operator and add an empty list to your search list, like so:

local ( searchObject );
new( tableType, @searchObject );
searchObject.myIntLIstField = {{0, 7, 9, {}}, AttSearchEngine.operators.containsAny}

searchObject would then be copied to your search request, and passed to See AttSearchEngine.#Documentation for more information on searching.

Search for Items with Empty Text
(Seth Dillingham - 6:43:51 PM)

AttSearchEngine's text indexer now indexes empty strings, and the method has been updated to support searches for empty strings.

Only newly indexed items will take advantage of this, so if you need to take advantage of this in an existing index, then you must reindex your content.

To search for empty strings, use the equalTo operator in your search request. As always, set the search param to a list, like so:

object.attribute = {"", AttSearchEngine.operators.equalTo};

Thursday, March 14, 2002
Bug fixed with storageMethods.resultSet.intersectMulti
(Seth Dillingham - 2:09:52 PM)

A bug was fixed in AttSearchEngine.storageMethods.resultSet.intersectMulti, in which passing an empty result set would throw an error. The correct behavior is to create an empty table at adrResult^.

This bug has been fixed, and is available via root update.

Wednesday, March 13, 2002
Bug Fixed with Single-Field Queries
(Seth Dillingham - 12:37:47 PM)

Running with a search on only a single field was resulting in a script error which complained that "BooleanMethod is not defined."

The fix is available via root update.

Friday, March 08, 2002
Greg Pierce on the AttSearchEngine
(Seth Dillingham - 12:24:41 PM)

Greg Pierce has posted a glowing mini-review of the AttSearchEngine.

Thanks, Greg!

ASE Licensed for MetaData Plugin
(Seth Dillingham - 11:09:49 AM)

John VanDyk has licensed the AttSearchEngine for use in his Manila MetaData plugin. The MetaData plugin will continue to be free.

Version 1.0b1 Released
(Seth Dillingham - 11:09:32 AM)

Version 1.0b1 of the AttSearchEngine has been released!

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